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i’m opening 5 slots for Sketch commission:D

If you are interested, please send email to:
Brilcrist (AT) gmail.com
with the detail of your request.

Once all slots filled, i will close it


  • Price: 20USD for one character- Waist Up sketch only.
    Each additional character will add 5USD
  • Paypal only: n i accept USD only
  • Sketch style commission: it’s a sketch~! So don’t expect a super neat lineart quality, i will add monochrome/BnW shading with textures (see samples above)
  • One slot for one commissioner.
  • No Graphically gore and explicit porn, please:(
  • Any fandom and OC are fine, but please provide enough sources for me to work, coz i dont have time to do the research.
  • Must be humanoid form - not accepting mecha, antro, animal etc
  • Not accepting personal photo sketch - like: “Can you paint me and my GF for our 1st anniversary?” Congratz but nope, i can not~
  • Prefer to be paid after the work finished - i will be giving you small thumbnail preview, if you are ok with it then i will be sending you an invoice, once i get the cash i will email the High Res file for you. But if you want to send payment in advance, i’m ok, though it won’t make me work any faster^^
  • I can send the printed version FOR FREE~! will be print on A5 250gsm glossy photo-paper. However: you need to cover the shipping yourself ( bear in mind,i live in indonesia, shipping would be expensive, around 5-10 USD per envelope)
  • First come first serve:D

Thankie all~



this is what happened right


I wish tumblr would have a seen by button so you could see how many of your followers ignore your posts 

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transparent grumpy hq levi sitting on a stool for all your transparent grumpy hq levi sitting on a stool needs.


oh man these were so much fun to do ヽ(;▽;)ノ
pretty ladies (again in yesstyle clothing) to kill the art block

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the app store has really stepped up its game

i didn’t set my ipod on fire for 5 notes


Sakura (by tomo)

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it's nothing tho
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